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About the factory

How our products differ from other domestically produced tobacco products

Thanks to a professional approach to the development of the range, each family of cigarettes Pereslavl Tobacco Factory has an individual bag and has individual features that are appreciated by a wide range of consumers.

Our distributors and end customers appreciate it:

  • Exclusive tobacco bag made from selected tobaccos
  • High quality of all components
  • Stylish design
  • Variety of formats and flavors

A special subject of our professional pride is working with tobacco, because the main thing in tobacco products is tobacco

  • 16 types of tobacco
  • No more than 3% - content of tobacco vein
  • Minimum share of budget varieties

Cigarettes from the Russian manufacturer


Tobacco company "PTF" has several brands, producing high-quality cigarettes of domestic production. Cigarette brand of Pereslavl Tobacco Factory has already been appreciated by many tobacco consumers in Russia. Some brands can be safely attributed to the category of premium, but at the same time cigarettes are still affordable to the mass consumer.

The composition of our cigarettes uses a bag of the best varieties of tobacco, and their formulation allows our cigarettes to occupy a leading position among smokers, so it is not enough to say about our products - good cigarettes from the Russian manufacturer.

The quality of cigarettes in the presented brands deservedly received high marks from experts in the field of tobacco products, even taking into account that these are the most affordable and inexpensive cigarettes in our market.


+7 (930) 076-05-70

Sovetskaya str. 33, office 214, Yaroslavl region, Russia, 152020

+7 (930) 076-05-70